Ultra Layer® TITAN UV Filter


  • 95.3% high transmission is out of super slim 1.1mm glass.
  • Ultra slim 5mm frame design is to AVOID vignetting even use with wide angle lens.
  • 100% UV cut induces NO COLOR CAST image.
  • Chemistry-strengthened glass can withstand golf ball 10ft. height free fall impact, trusty protection.
  • Both-sided multiple coating reduces reflectivity and made the glass easy to clean with anti-smudge (water contact angle > 110°), antistatic and scratch resistant coatings.
  • Black-rimmed glass and matte black anodized frame design eliminates flare.
  • Teflon-coated knurled thread is easy to install or remove from your lens, and it is also available for lens cap and hood.
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“If your picture aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” –Robert Capa, Hungarian war photographer

STC Ultra Layer® Titan filter is the armored clothing of your lens that sheds the dirt, grease and even powerful impact like firecracker. Its multiple nano coating also includes precise ultraviolet cut spectrum. You can get better protection to both your lens and your photographic works.