Screw-in Lens Adapter For OLYMPUS 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro Len


  • Screw-in 105mm Slim filter (the thickness of rim under 2.5mm) is available without vignetting.
  • This adapter is made by 6061 aluminium which is ultra light and corrosion resistance with precise CNC machinery.
  • Providing extra protection to the front lens element for easy portability.
  • The tenon on adapter is designed for fully integrating with the tulip lens hood, and prevented loosening and displacement.
  • Sandblasting the adapter surface of interior side can significantly reduce reflection and flare, and improve the image quality.
  • Installation Cautions: Do not remove the UV, CPL or ND filter before loosening the lockring and lens adapter. The interior side of glass would be scratched by the petal shaped hood.
  • Using Cautions: While attaching on the lens adapter, the vignetting situation caused by the lens optical condition would exist.
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This adapter is made by STC with precise CNC machinery, designed for Olympus M.ZUIKO 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro Lens to utilize UV, CPL or ND filters while providing increased protection to the front lens element. The lens adapter includes two parts assembled to fit a 105mm screw-in filter.

It is delicately made by aluminum and sandblasting the adapter surface of interior side to reduce significantly reflection and flare. The tenon design can fully integrate with the tulip lens hood without vignetting. STC ultra slim UV, CPL and ND 105mm filter opens up opportunities for photographers to create more vivid, expressive and evocative images.