IR-CUT ND16 (4-stop) Filter


  • 1.1mm German Schott® B270 optical crown glass.
  • 4-stop (ND16) Neutral Density Filter for long exposure photography.
  • It’s examined by color cast test in the mode of 18%-grey WB, and got Zero-Color-Cast result.
  • The quality of glass surface flatness is up to 20/40, which is suitable for high resolution camera and 1200mm or more focal length telescope lens.
  • Double-sided multilayer NANO coating.
  • Waterproof, grease-proof and antistatic. It’s easy to keep the filter clean.
  • It’s made by 5mm 6061 Aluminum rim, which is thin, light and avoiding vignetting as well.
  • Black-rimmed glass and matte black anodized frame design eliminates flare.
  • Teflon-coated knurled thread is easy to install or remove from your lens, and available for lens cap and hood.
  • One filter ALL lens please refer “Clip filter series” and “Available camera and lenses“.
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The fixed 4-stop ND filter is for the ND1.2 or ND16 light density. It allows only 6.25% of the light pass through the lens to extend the duration of exposure even under very bright environment to composite the motion blur effect. Also it can picture the vague dual image, the detail of the cloud in the sky and the peaceful reflection.

STC ND16 filter also fix the problem of color cast and too-heavy/thick problem of traditional ND16 filter with the technology of light spectrum SLC(Simulative Linear Calibration). Using 1mm Germany Schott® B270 optical glass and no-color cast coating to supply you a new experience of long-exposure photography.